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History of Seze

After the battle of Castillon in 1453, the city of Bordeaux fell after three centuries of British rule under the authority of the kings of France.


Shortly after this victory, the king of France, Charles VII ordered the construction of the “Château Trompette” to protect the country against a new British offensive and controlling newly conquered the city and deemed rebellious.


The “Château Trompette” was the symbol of royal authority in Bordeaux, it was a space from the Garonne to the column Girondins. Crown forbade any construction in the castle.


This glaze was from North to South Course Xavier Armozan, the Place de la Bourse was the western boundary of the west facade of Comings Tourny and the Public Garden.


The fortress lost its role during the eighteenth century. Its destruction is initiated after transfer to the city in 1816 during the reign of King Louis XVIII.


On this site, Quinconces and buildings, whose perimeter is the east side of Allées de Tourny, will be provided between 1810 and 1828.


It is during this period that were built 3 buildings that now constitute the Hotel de Seze.


Hotel de Seze began operations on December 1, 1927, it was a 24-room hotel (The hotel is 85 years old).


The Royal Medoc was probably created in the 60s (before work, a part of the electrical installation dating from that time …).


Trivia: During the period 1942 – 1944 (free zone), it would seem that the fourth floor of the hotel, the hotel’s walled lofts de Seze which could be accessed by hatches stolen funds in closet (traps we have actually seen) have served to hide Jews and weapons of the Resistance.

History of De Sèze - Hôtel de Sèze